Seven years ago today I woke up and found a lump in my right breast. I wrote the following yesterday however after having had a fun filled evening and seeing everyone’s positive posts this morning welcoming 2019 in I nearly deleted it. Then I realised I was doing what I do best and that is shoving things away as not being good enough or being too negative. However the reality is : Always looking over my shoulder Cancer is indiscriminate and insidious. It develops slowly and silently. It shows no signs of a beginning or end. It causes anxiety, fear and rage; and yet can be the making or breaking of a person. It brings families together or tears them apart. It highlights the real friends and false friends and is a platform for making for making new and very special friends. Cancer makes one vulnerable and yet strong. It can make you cry and laugh quite often at the same time. A morbid sense of humor develops which only your fellow cancer sufferer will understand. An appreciation for life becomes a necessary adjunct as does accepting the need to look over your shoulder just in case that indiscriminate insidious tumor that eventually made itself known before has yet again chosen youn